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The delicate texture of the serum is a highly concentrated wealth of high performance peptides.

The serum functions as a super booster against wrinkles.

It has an instant effect –tangibly firmer due to the Black Truffle extract.

The super anti-aging lifting serum reduces inflammation- the key factors of aging mechanisms-the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

As the effects can be seen and felt immediately the fluid provides incomparably radiant-looking skin and stimulates the natural collagen and elastin skin production.

All skin types especially for age over 40 years old.

Suitable for women and men


When:  night and/ or day before night or day cream

Where: face and neck

How   : gentle upward movements

Amount; 3-4 drops
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  • Vegan - Natural

  • EOF Certified

  • Inspired by the Mediterranean

  • By Dr Rena Sacca, MD, MSc